Are We Ready for SUMMER?!

It’s that wonderful time of year again. Spring has sprung, the blossoms are blooming, the air is warming up, the days are getting longer, and you can start shedding all those layers of clothing. It’s usually also the time of year when we start panicking that we’re not “bikini ready,” because we promised ourselves that “summer bodies are built in winter.” But… that didn’t quite go as planned, because, well, comfort food!

Don’t fret, because here’s a solution that is much easier (and faster) than you might think…Read More »


Chocolate for Breakfast, Anyone?

Smoothies are a staple in my life, because they are such a quick and easy way to create a light and tasty breakfast that is packed to the brim with nutrients. If I don’t have a lot of time in the morning then I make a drinkable smoothie which can be made and consumed in under 10 minutes, otherwise I like a thicker textured smoothie bowl which I can also top with additional flavour and nutrients.

A lot of people think that this is hard work, or that switching to healthier food choices and ingredients is a helluva effort, when in fact the total opposite is true. And if you think that eating chocolate for breakfast is unhealthy, read on.Read More »

Do One Thing

Some time ago I came across this saying: “Do One Thing.”

Do one thing, every day, that…
scares you…
inspires you…
challenges you…
makes you happy…
makes you proud of yourself…

…and do it well.

Shorten that to DOT, and I was sticking little yellow dots all over the place to remind me every day to DO ONE THING.

And it actually really worked. It’s simply about being mindful every day about doing something that takes you one step closer to your dreams and goals.

And so, welcome to Pure Luminosity! This, and what will grow from it, is the result of the individual and combined dreams and goals of two best friends who are on our own journeys of healing and happiness, and who want to help you to achieve the same.

Those of you who are subscribers and have got this post notification in your inbox are probably thinking, “Huh? Who or what is Pure Luminosity?” Well, you originally subscribed to Foodevotion, which has now undergone a little facelift. You can still expect amazingly delicious foodie recipes, but there’s also a lot more lovely stuff coming your way too!

We’ll soon be telling you more behind this story and what you can expect from the future of Pure Luminosity, so until then…


There’s A New Braai Accessory & You Have To Have It!

There’s a bunch of clever lads who’ve got together and started Easy Braai Shop, selling all manner of braai accessories, including their own brand new braai creations, which are very exciting! Particularly for the vegans and vegetarians among us – we now get to keep our veg entirely separate from the meat on the grill!Read More »

Permaculture Courses In South Africa

I recently stumbled across Hope Permaculture Farm on Facebook, and got in touch with Belinda to find out more, because this is something I’ve had an interest in for a while, but hadn’t really looked into until now.

Belinda answered my questions, which I wanted to share with you, because I think these are the basics that we all need to understand…Read More »

Healthy Sweet Treats & Snacks – Free Recipes

Can delicious snacks actually be good for you?

Remember sneaking into the kitchen when you were young to steal a snack when Mom wasn’t looking? Well, those days might be over if Carolyn Hansen gets her way. She has come up with a set of 100 snack recipes that will have Mothers everywhere positively encouraging their children to dig in!Read More »